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Today I am captive to this:

It has been a long time since I have been this drawn to something besides the people around me but since I heard this song, this morning, it has filled my day. I can’t explain exactly why I’m drawn to it. Perhaps it is the simplicity, the way they layer instruments, the lyrics or something I can’t identify. All I know is I am drawn to it and it is nice to be pulled into something creative again.

This song has brought me a taste of past lives, times when I have poured myself into something, just to be there. It reminds me of how much I love music and has brought me back, even if for only a time, to my piano, recalling days when I would play for hours, as I have today. Time has melted as I have worked out this song, listening to it, figuring out the chords and notes played, writing down the lyrics, and transposing it all into a key that I can sing. It has been a lovely morning and, perhaps, this means music is coming back.

Maybe my music is coming back from wherever it went when it got buried under homework and reading, socializing and dating. Maybe it’s returning from wherever it went when it got lost in stress and housework, tears and summer road trips. It seems somewhat interesting that music would come back with winter and not with the intuitive new beginnings of spring but it seems that this is how it it is coming, as a gift, maybe it will keep me warm. Whatever it means, I am enjoying it a lot and looking forward to how it will grow again.

What is something that you have loved to do but haven’t been able to lately, perhaps because you don’t have time, because you have forgotten it or something like that?