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This past weekend has been filled with friends and fun adventures. The one that stands out the most was an evening we planned to go out for dessert with friends. We met at our place and had decided to try a little pub on a nearby corner since I had heard good things about their food. We were hoping for a particular dessert which we had heard they carried from another friend so we were quite surprised when the waitress didn’t mention cheesecake in her list of desserts for the evening. We were surprised and a little confused as to what to do next. She gave us a moment and, as we deliberated, we decided to make a break for it. Silly, I’m sure, but as we walked/ran out of that restaurant there was a delicious giddiness that overtook me. The joy that comes from sharing adventures with good friends. It’s a feeling that I believe happens often as a child but as one grows up we seem to forget about it and it lies dormant, buried under responsibilities and duty until, in a moment it is again in the air in all its anxious and excited glory.

It was just a small thing. We decided that the restaurant didn’t have what we wanted so we left to try somewhere else. But in that action we found ourselves back in the car giggling and high on adrenaline and excitement. In the same way I have been trying to live my whole life as an adventure. Sure, not all of it is as dramatic as talking to strangers or even running out of a restaurant (which is a big deal for me because I don’t want to hurt the waitress shrug) but there are so many bits of excitement and joy to be found. Whether that means making a new meal for my wonderful husband or chatting with agood friend. I am once again excited to learn from the people around me and look forward to growing from it.

This is something that I feel my brother and sister do well, especially my brother. He seems to find adventures under every rock and lives like there are new things to discover when things don’t go as planned. My brother is the guy that everyone wants to hang out with since they know that he will find something fun to do, even climbing grain elevators (which is probably illegal so I don’t recommend it). But when I have hung out with him I have had all sorts of good times and adventures I wouldn’t have had alone, including the rail bridge incident pictured to the right. This is partially due to his outlook of exploration but also due to the thought he puts into hanging out with people, planning ahead of time what would be fun to do with that particular person. And even though there are times I am a bit afraid for him I still admire his adventurous spirit and the care and thoughtfulness he puts into his time with people.

What are the ways that you find joy and excitement and adventure in your own life? Are there certain people that bring those experiences into your life?