We were chatting with friends yesterday who are expecting this summer and they asked us what has changed the most since Bubby arrived. It is a good question. There have been a lot of changes. The typical ones: not sleeping through the night, becoming a pro diaper changer (even in the dark), building muscle as you carry an increasingly heavy kid. But I think the biggest change in us is that we have far more fun than we used to. Not that all these things are fun or that we never had fun before this change, but more that we’re finding joy in many more places as we see the world differently because of our Bubby. I mean, with a smile like this how can we not?

This adventure has been one of the harder things we have done but as we work together as a team and just let it be what it is we are having more fun, laughing more (maybe that’s just because we’re tired and things are funnier when you’re tired) and enjoying the many little blessings in life.

I just thought I’d throw that out there. I feel immensely blessed and have found a level of contentment that I’ve never before experienced. Perhaps that is the way it works, as you give of yourself and sacrifice, what you have been given grows in value and you understand better how you have been blessed.

How have you been blessed today? I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for.